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Chicken Pot Pie

It is an easy recipe that allows you to pick and choose your favorite vegetables to add and/or the sauce that you prefer with the dough that suits you. Ingredients: One Pound of Shredded Chicken Breast 2 Cups of Diced Pepper … Continue reading

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Berry Pie

Here’s a recipe for a great summer pie. Very easy and tasty. Ingredients: Pie Crust Link 6 Cups of Mixed Berries (I used Blackberry and Raspberry) 3/4 Cup of Sugar 1/4 Cup of Corn Starch One tbsp of Lemon Juice … Continue reading

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Chicken Pastilla

One of my favorite dishes from Morocco is Chicken Pastilla. It is a salt and sweet chicken pie.  Ingredients: – Phyllo Dough – One pound of Chicken Drumsticks – One Diced Onion – 2 Small Graded Garlic Cloves – One … Continue reading

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Strawberry Pie

After returning from our small vacation and with summer finally here, I made this simple yet delicious Strawberry Pie. Ingredients: 2 Boxes of Strawberries 3/4 Cup of Red Raspberry preserve 1/2 Pie Crust How to prepare: Prepare the pie crust … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Design

I tried for the first time to design the top crust in the classic way. It was not perfect but I loved the results for my first try. Here are some pictures :). Here is the link to the recipe … Continue reading

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Yogurt Cheese Fatayer (Pies)

A very light and delicious dish you can prepare easily at home and serve as an appetizer or side dish. I will post later how to make the yogurt cheese for the filling.  Ingredients: Yogurt Cheese Diced Onion One Cup of Flour Half … Continue reading

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Happy Fall!

I love Fall!. It is this time of the year when the holiday season begins and all the good food as well :). We are coming to Halloween and then Thanksgiving. What is a more delicious treat than Pumpkin Pie? … Continue reading

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Happy 4th!

Being overseas away from our friends and family, our small community here in Qatar decided to celebrate the 236th Independence day the traditional American way. It was a BBQ and bake off pool party. The organizer totally did a great job decorating … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Pie Sweet Potato Style

Just thinking everyday what to cook for my baby takes a lot of time. I know he loves sweet potato so I decided to make it as a meal for him by using it instead of the white potatoes in Shepherd’s Pie. … Continue reading

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Spinach Quiche

This was the first time that I made and ate Quiche. Let me tell you, I am for sure making this dish again. Go ahead try it and you might love it. Ingredients: One Onion Butter Half Pound of Bacon … Continue reading

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