This page has a collection of links that shares my experience feeding my baby for his first year. 

In my opinion, homemade food is always a faster, healthier, less expensive choice so why not do it?

Having a baby especially the first baby and raising him/her is overwhelming itself, so tips are always helpful. Let me share with you my way in feeding my baby.

Stage One (4 to 6 Months)

Stage Two (6 to 7 Months)

Stage Three (7 to 8 Months)

Stage Four (8 to 9 Months)

Stage Five (9 to 10 Months)

Stage Six (10 to 12 Months)

From a Healthy Pregnancy to a Healthy Body Post-Delivery


Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Introducing Scarlett Mai


8 Responses to Baby

  1. I’m passing these recipes on to my daughter, she has a little girl (5 months)
    Your baby is adorable!

  2. Such a cutie. I made baby food for my kids. I’d make a batch of say carrots, and spoon it into ice cube trays for freezing, then frozen storage in pyrex. Meal time on the run was easy-warming up a variety of pre-made food.

  3. burnettfreelanceimagery says:

    Beautiful baby – of course, how could she not be from with a Beautiful mother like you! 🙂 I shared this blog link/series with a friend who has been making her own baby foods for their beautiful daughter. Thanks for sharing!

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