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Chicken Pot Pie

It is an easy recipe that allows you to pick and choose your favorite vegetables to add and/or the sauce that you prefer with the dough that suits you. Ingredients: One Pound of Shredded Chicken Breast 2 Cups of Diced Pepper … Continue reading

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Baked Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a very famous Levantine dish made of bulgur, minced onion and finely ground meat with sautéed pine nuts. There are many types of Kibbeh from fried shaped balls or patties, baked, cooked in yogurt sauce, grilled or served raw. … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Shopping At a Local Market in Rabat, Morocco

Here is a short clip about a recent trip we took to the souq in Rabat, Morocco.

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Germany Again :)

After a month of transitioning, we finally made it to our new home. During this month, we made a stop in Germany to see family so Aiden can enjoy some time with his cousins as well. I love going to Germany, … Continue reading

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Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde

Originally posted on The Savvy Sister:
This original post written August 2012. Scroll down for recent update. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising. No more tears?  I would rather have no more formaldehyde.  I just might get my wish. Don’t cry! They finally…

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How to??

I will start a new page on how to do simple stuff that might seem easy but are essential to make a meal.How do I make tomato sauce?  How many minutes should I boil an egg for? When I first … Continue reading

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Cooking Class!!!

When I was in Doha, I had the chance to teach some colleagues a few Arabic dishes. We cooked for almost two hours. It was so much fun to cook and taste the food that we prepared from scratch which … Continue reading

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This is the new addition to my kitchen. I got the Breville as a gift for Christmas.  That was one of the best gifts since I don’t have my Kitchen Aid Mixer or the small electric mixer that I own. … Continue reading

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This is my favorite dip. I think enough said 🙂 Ingredients: -1/2 block of pasteurized cheese – Mild Mexican Velveeta(8 oz) -1/2 block of the original pasteurized cheese (I used Kraft Chedder Cheese)8 Oz -8 oz of chunky no…

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