Happy 4th!

Being overseas away from our friends and family, our small community here in Qatar decided to celebrate the 236th Independence day the traditional American way.

It was a BBQ and bake off pool party. The organizer totally did a great job decorating the place with red, white and blue, setting up the food and drink stations so that once you enter that room you feel like being back in the US.

We also had the chance to participate in the Pie Bake Off. We had 10 contestants with different types of pies. I participated with Apple Pie and won the most favorite pie between all the others. I was shocked since so many pies tasted good.

Winning the bake off made me so happy and on top of the world because it was about something I love to do and I spend most of my day being in the kitchen trying new recipes.

Here is the link to the Apple Pie recipe.

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