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Chicken Pizza

A healthy, low carb, pizza style, baked chicken breast. A very tasty twist to pizza and chicken at the same time. You can use this recipe and add whatever you like on your pizza to the chicken breast. Here are … Continue reading

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Cooking Class!!!

When I was in Doha, I had the chance to teach some colleagues a few Arabic dishes. We cooked for almost two hours. It was so much fun to cook and taste the food that we prepared from scratch which … Continue reading

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Fattet Hummus

Yummy dish!! In Syria, you can find this dish without chicken and usually served in the morning especially in Damascus. I find it is way too heavy to eat in the morning so I add the chicken pieces to it … Continue reading

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Spinach Triangles

Spinach Triangles or Spinach Fatayer are essential in every Arabic restaurant. Today, I will introduce you to homemade spinach fatayer. Homemade ones are rich in ingredients and more delicious than the ones you eat at a restaurant. Let’s do it… … Continue reading

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This is the new addition to my kitchen. I got the Breville as a gift for Christmas.  That was one of the best gifts since I don’t have my Kitchen Aid Mixer or the small electric mixer that I own. … Continue reading

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Arabic Salad

This is the Classic Arabic Salad that you can find in every Arabic restaurant. It is easy to prepare, rich on vegetables and has a tasty dressing. Ingredients: One Tomato 1/2 Cucumber A bushel of Lettuce One cup of Artichoke Hearts … Continue reading

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Chicken Veggies Stir Fry

My sister sent me this recipe that she came up with when she had some left over  grilled chicken that she didn’t want to toss out. I tried it and it was so delicious. I think I will always grill … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Eat-O-Live:
This is my favorite dip. I think enough said 🙂 Ingredients: -1/2 block of pasteurized cheese – Mild Mexican Velveeta(8 oz) -1/2 block of the original pasteurized cheese (I used Kraft Chedder Cheese)8 Oz -8 oz of chunky no…

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Sheesh Burak

Sheesh Burak is meat dumplings with yogurt/rice sauce. It is just to die for. We love it in our household. My brother today asked me when will I do it again as we were eating it. Ingredients for Dumplings: One … Continue reading

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Beef Stew Syrian Way

Dinner today was beef stew. This is a recipe for the Syrian style of beef stew. It is a very good dish especially in the cold days of winter. Ingredients: Beef Tomatoes Onion Garlic Salt Pepper Butter How to Prepare: … Continue reading

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