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Introducing Scarlett Mai

After being away from the blogging world due to a busy life, I finally have the time now to get back and share¬†more recipes and adventures but first I would like to introduce our princess. Twenty-three months ago, a baby … Continue reading

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Anything My Boy Asks For…

Talk about how time flies! My boy turned 3 years old last week. All he wanted for his birthday was a Lightning McQueen Car cake, the lead character in the Disney Cars Movies”. This was probably the hardest thing I … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Two Beautiful Years and Counting

My son is 2 already. I can’t believe how time flies. I still feel that he is a new born baby. Well, I can say that it has been a great two years watching him grow and I am looking … Continue reading

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Let’s make feeding fruits to toddlers more fun. With summer coming and my baby’s refusal to eat any fruits other than bananas, I decided to make him homemade popsicles that are fun as well as a healthy snack after running … Continue reading

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From a Healthy Pregnancy to a Healthy Body Post-Delivery

Pregnancy is difficult and it can sometimes result in many changes to the body which are hard to get rid of. This post is about my experience during pregnancy and after delivery. I hope that I can share some healthy … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Rice Pudding

My son is 17 months old now and in my mom’s opinion, I should introduce him to her rice pudding. I love this treat. Although, I am lactose intolerant, it was worth the pain after eating it. Ingredients: 2 Liters … Continue reading

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Feeding baby – Stage Six (10 to 12 Months)

By this point, your baby should be eating almost everything. It is important to offer a variety of textures and flavors. In my case, my baby is no longer eating the vegetable soup so I started feeding him homemade dinner … Continue reading

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Feeding Baby – Stage Five (9 to 10 Months)

Your baby is almost eating everything at this time. You can remove the cereal since he/she should be getting his nutrition from the other solid meals now. You will also notice that he/she may start to pick out favorite meals, … Continue reading

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Feeding Baby – Stage Four (8 to 9 Months)

At this stage, it is the time to thicken the meals up a bit. During this month you can introduce your baby to red meat. Also, more fruits and vegetables can be introduced using the same method of 3 to … Continue reading

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