Cooking Class!!!

When I was in Doha, I had the chance to teach some colleagues a few Arabic dishes. We cooked for almost two hours. It was so much fun to cook and taste the food that we prepared from scratch which was paired with some delicious wine. We made Lentil Soup, Arabic Salad, Hummus, Muhammara, Spinach Fatayer, and Fattet Hummus

Here are some photos of our gathering.

DSC04077 DSC04081 DSC04084 DSC04086 DSC04088 DSC04092 DSC04101 DSC04106 DSC04121 DSC04124

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3 Responses to Cooking Class!!!

  1. Doris says:

    This look like a lot of fun, sometimes we only see the food in some blogs, like to see all the ladies in action, good pictures. What a fun Idea.

  2. My idea of cooking, good friends, good wine and shared laughter

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