Feeding Baby – Stage Three (7 to 8 Months)

During this month you can introduce your baby to plain Cream Cheese a little bit at a time. Also, more fruits and vegetables can be introduced using the same method of 3 to 4 days food introduction for each new food you add to track any and all reactions he/she might has.

For fruits you can introduce Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Pineapple. No need to cook them before feeding.

Vegetable Soup:

You will now continue adding more food every month in your vegetable soup. I guarantee you that your baby will love it more as you add more flavors to it. You will add 1/3 head of broccoli to the soup in this month and one table spoon of butter (yes butter), you will still remove the chicken piece before blending during this month. You will increase the meal portion as well if you see that your baby is still hungry.


Once your baby eats the whole egg yolk, start introducing the egg white as well with the same method as the yolk little by little until your baby will be eating the whole egg eventually.

There are different studies on whether you should feed eggs ro infants the first year or wait until after 12 months of age. Always consult with your pediatrician before introducing any, especially if you have a family history of allergy” 

“Australian Study (2010) finds infants given egg after 12 months of age are up to five times more likely to develop allergies compared to those who are introduced to eggs at four to six months, depending on how the egg is cooked.”

At the end of this month, the feeding schedule is:

Wake up        Breast/Bottle

AM                 Cereal

Noon              Vegetable soup

Afternoon      Egg with Yogurt (every other day)                Breast/Bottle (the other day)

PM                  Breast/Bottle

Bed Time       Breast/Bottle

Snacks in between meals will be 2 to 3 OZ of orange juice or water and a few spoons of fruits.

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  1. jimmyandcha says:

    A very cute model!

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