Feeding Baby – Stage Two (6 to 7 Months)

At this stage, you already know what your baby likes alot and the foods that he gives you a hardtime with.

Once your baby hits the 6 month old mark, you can add some more food to taste.

Vegetable Soup:
You can add green beans and carrots to your vegetable soup.

ALSO after 2 weeks, I started adding one piece of already boiled chicken to the soup while cooking and removing it before blending it so the baby has a tastier soup with some chicken broth.

You can now give your baby a taste of egg yolk (not EGG WHITE) – Make sure to consult with your doctor before doing so. Every other day mix very well boiled egg yolk with the same amount of plain yogurt (so it doesn’t get stuck in the baby’s mouth and make it smoother for the baby to swallow).

Start with a pea size of egg yolk and increase as you go little by little both yolk and yogurt until the baby eats the whole yolk and it becomes more like a breakfast meal (First meal in the morning and last one in the evening should still be milk, so this can come as the second meal in the morning).
P.S. You can mix the egg yolk with orange juice or baby’s formula instead of the yogurt.

As a treat, I sometimes mix a boiled apple, a banana, some orange juice and a cracker and blend them all together and feed them to my baby as a meal. I don’t do it often because of the high sugar so it is a treat every once in a while instead of his rice cereal meal. I promise you that your baby will love it.
At six months, you can also switch from rice cereal to wheat cereal. To prepare is the same way as the rice cereal.

At the end of this month, the feeding schedule is:

Wake up           Breast/Bottle

AM                    Cereal

Noon                Vegetable soup

Afternoon        Egg Yolk with Yogurt (every other day)           Breast/Bottle (the other day)

PM                    Breast/Bottle

Bed Time         Breast/Bottle

Snacks in between meals will be 1 to 2 OZ of orange juice or water and a few spoons of one fruit.
It might be a lot of work and preparation but setting your baby up in a healthy foundation is totally worth the time and work.

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