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Let’s make feeding fruits to toddlers more fun. With summer coming and my baby’s refusal to eat any fruits other than bananas, I decided to make him homemade popsicles that are fun as well as a healthy snack after running … Continue reading

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Meatball Hero

You can make so many things with meatballs and marinara sauce. You can put them on top of pasta, spaghetti, or rice. You can make meatball lasagna or simply make a meatball sandwich with melted cheese!!! Ingredients: Fresh Baguette 1/2Lb of … Continue reading

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It is one of my favorite sandwiches!!!

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From a Healthy Pregnancy to a Healthy Body Post-Delivery

Pregnancy is difficult and it can sometimes result in many changes to the body which are hard to get rid of. This post is about my experience during pregnancy and after delivery. I hope that I can share some healthy … Continue reading

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Chicken/Bread Ball

A nice twist to a chicken sandwich which is a nicer version of a sandwich to serve. Ingredients: Chicken Breast Diced Onion Diced Garlic Butter Salt and Pepper Fresh Bread (I used Italian) Milk One Egg Bread Crumbs Vegetable Oil … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Pacific Northwest

Today, I am remembering my first trip to the West Coast in 2008. I visited my sister and brother-in-law who lived in Bellingham, Washington. I went there twice in 2008 and 2009, both were during the summer (still was a … Continue reading

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Happy Fall!

I love Fall!. It is this time of the year when the holiday season begins and all the good food as well :). We are coming to Halloween and then Thanksgiving. What is a more delicious treat than Pumpkin Pie? … Continue reading

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Aiden Meets His Cousins

The best part of my trip to Germany is seeing my nephews and niece after 2 years and introducing them to Aiden. The kids had lots of fun together. Here are some photos and a must see video that I … Continue reading

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Dubai – UAE

I always tell those interested in going to the Gulf for work or tourism that “I love Dubai!” Dubai is special because it was my first job outside of Syria and the first time that I had traveled outside of … Continue reading

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Muscat – Oman

In Muscat you are still in the Arabian Gulf yet you will find an experience like no other in the Gulf. Oman has mountains, the desert, miles of beaches, greenery and traditional architecture. I spent 10 days there and enjoyed the … Continue reading

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