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Feeding Baby – Stage Three (7 to 8 Months)

During this month you can introduce your baby to plain Cream Cheese a little bit at a time. Also, more fruits and vegetables can be introduced using the same method of 3 to 4 days food introduction for each new … Continue reading

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Feeding Baby – Stage Two (6 to 7 Months)

At this stage, you already know what your baby likes alot and the foods that he gives you a hardtime with. Once your baby hits the 6 month old mark, you can add some more food to taste. Vegetable Soup: … Continue reading

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Feeding Baby – Stage One (4 to 6 Months)

Feeding babies can be different from one person to another. It is always wise to ask your pediatrician first and test foods to see if the baby is allergic. 4-5 months (the first month you decide to start solid food) … Continue reading

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