How to??

question-markI will start a new page on how to do simple stuff that might seem easy but are essential to make a meal.How do I make tomato sauce?  How many minutes should I boil an egg for?

When I first moved to Dubai I didn’t know how to cook. I actually didn’t know how to make anything at all. I was so happy moving to a new country and working that I found myself not wanting to eat out everyday after work. I was calling my mom more often to ask her about recipes that I can prepare at home. Many times she gave me ideas but I found myself calling again to ask for the smallest details that she assumed I knew but in reality, I had no clue how to do anything. I soon figured out how to take care of the small details that make a great meal especially after I found my passion for cooking.

So, I will soon be publishing new blog posts on how to make sauces, different kinds of dough, decorating baked goods, making different kinds of soup and many more.

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2 Responses to How to??

  1. Sounds a great idea and don’t forget some recipes for those of us who are not culinary gifted!

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