Sheesh Tawook

Today, we had some good friends over for dinner so I decided to make an Arabic BBQ for a change. Here’s the recipe for the famous Sheesh Tawook dish.


One Pound of Chicken Breast
One Tablespoon of Ground Thyme
Half Teaspoon of Ground Coriander
One Garlic Clove
One Tablespoon of White Vinegar
One tablespoon of Cooking Paste
Half Cup of Vegetable Oil

How to Prepare:

Cut the chicken breast into small, inch-squares and place in a bowl.

DSC03183 DSC03187

Add salt to the chicken squares and stir in the bowl.

Add the Thyme, Coriander, and graded garlic to the chicken. Stir in the bowl until mixed.

DSC03189 DSC03190

Add the tomato paste and the vegetable oil into the chicken bowl. Mix it all together now.

DSC03192 DSC03193

Let the bowl sit in the refrigerator for 6 hours (Hint: You can also prepare the day before depending on how early you would like to eat.)


Place the chicken pieces on wood skewers and grill.

DSC03234 DSC03236 DSC03238 DSC03241 DSC03243I also grilled some mushrooms and pepper 🙂


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4 Responses to Sheesh Tawook

  1. Looks good and easy 🙂

  2. Great and simple, might even give this a go at our next barbecue

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