Happy Birthday To Me!

For this birthday, I didn’t want to have a cake. Instead, I spoiled my self with my favorite dessert Frozen Chocolate Graham Crackers (also called Succès). It is very easy yet very tasty.

DSC02320 DSC02336


One Cup of Milk

One Cup of Sugar

350 grams or 12 Ounces of Butter

4 Packs of Graham Crackers (or Social Tea)

One cup of Cocoa Powder

How to Prepare:

Melt the sugar, milk, and the butter in a large pot on medium heat until the milk becomes lukewarm.

DSC02254 DSC02260DSC02267

Turn off the flame, then add the cocoa powder to the milk/butter and mix until the cocoa blends in.

DSC02261 DSC02265DSC02269 DSC02271

Break the crackers into small pieces and mix them thoroughly with the mixture.

DSC02274 DSC02277 DSC02282

Wrap in cling wrap in a roll shape, folding the sides so the mixture doesn’t get out of the wrap and then place it in the freezer until frozen.

DSC02288 DSC02290

Open the wrap and cut it into small pieces before serving.

To make this recipe more fun and mouth watering, you may add more biscuits (Graham Crackers) to the mixture and roll it in a ball shape and then cover with coconut. Place in the fridge until cold 😉

DSC02313 DSC02315 DSC02316

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15 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Gary Lum says:

    Happy birthday 🙂
    The rozen Chocolate Graham Crackers (also called Succès) look great.

  2. Happy Birthday 🙂 Looks like you had a delicious one!

  3. Well YUM! I am going to make this for hubby’s work! Happy Birthday! (Mine was yesterday 😉 )

  4. They look so good! Hope you had a happy day.

  5. I know I’m a little late but Happy Birthday! Your dessert looks delicious.

  6. Ese' s Voice says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks really delicious 🙂

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