My 15 Minutes

This is my 15 minutes of relaxation when I have my Turkish coffee.  15 minutes is all I have because every day is crazy.  Whether it is taking care of my 11 month old baby, doing the house chores, cooking or preparing for our next move, each day is busy and this is my only time to relax.

It is usually in the afternoon when Aiden is taking his afternoon nap.  I make my coffee, sit at the kitchen table and just enjoy it.

It reminds me of my mother so much. My mom usually has her coffee in the morning after making sure that everyone is up and on their way to work or school. She makes her big pot of Turkish coffee and lights her cigarette, enjoying her favorite music and the coffee.

Now I understand why she never wanted anything or anybody to interrupt her during that time.  It didn’t always happen since she had five kids but she made the most of it.

I think of these 15 minutes as my time to relax and at the same time getting energized to continue the day energized and awake :).

Hope you have a great day and I am off to cook again!

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