Cairo, Egypt

A co-worker of mine invited me to go visit Cairo, Egypt with her. I had a few days off and I’d always wanted to see the pyramids. So I went and I can say that it was a really overwhelming experience and I really enjoyed my time there. You absolutely must try and visit if you can.

The streets are insanely busy, people crossing the high ways while cars are going more than 70mph. (It made me a little nervous.) Also, expect being hassled in tourist areas, however Egyptian people are friendly and respectful so if you say “no thanks” they will leave you alone- but move to target some other tourist!

I had the chance to visit a few places in a short period of time. I visited the pyramids (Al Giza), Cairo Tower, The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Salah Al Din Citadel, and Khan Al Khalili.
I ate kushari in a shop that definitely wasn’t one of the cleanest in the street, but it was very good. I also had fool wa ta`ameia (beans and flafel) in a restaurant called Felfela, which is inexpensive and delicious.

At night we took a cruise boat on the Nile and they asked my friends and me to drive the boat, as you can see in the photo below. I also was the only person who got to dance with the belly dancer, it was a great night. The next day we went to a bar at the four season hotel and had some drinks and food. It was a fun but small trip. It left me feeling tired though from walking all day long.  I would love to see more of Egypt next time i visit.

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