Marshmallow Fondant

I never thought of making cake decorations other than whip cream :). Now since I have a 10 month old baby, I thought of how many birthdays will I be go through and preparing for so I wanted to make him something nice and special so I started with making the fondant.


– Small bag of Marshmallows

– Sugar Powder

– Crisco or Ghee

– Water

How to Prepare:

– Put the marshmallows in a microwavable bowl.

– Add a half tablespoon of water to the marshmallows and put in the microwave for 30 seconds then stir.

– Repeat every 30 seconds for about 2 minutes.

– Spread some crisco on a clean surface.

– Put some sugar powder on top of the crisco.

– After 2 minutes of melting the marshmallows in the microwave, add them on top of the sugar powder and knead all together after greasing your hands with crisco.

– Keep kneading until you have the perfect dough (add some sugar powder and crisco to it if it is sticky).

– Shape it in a ball then wrap with cling wrap after greasing with crisco and keep in the fridge or the freezer depending on when you want to use.

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