How to Fix a Crack in a Cheesecake and Decorate It??

Having a crack in a cheesecake is very common so I will show you an easy way to fix it. The only tools you need are hot water and a butter knife.

IMG_1605Heat the butter knife in the hot water, then start pressing the crack to close it slowly by placing the knife in the hot water each time before pressing.

For deep cracks, start pressing  far away from the crack to get it to close completely.

DSC00528 DSC00530 DSC00531 DSC00532 DSC00534 DSC00535

After closing the crack completely, put the butter knife in the hot water and smooth the surface of the cheesecake to make it even.


Smooth the sides of the cheesecake also using the same method.

DSC00540 DSC00542 DSC00548

Heat your choice of jam for a few minutes until it becomes liquid (You can also decorate with chocolate using the same way).

DSC00554 DSC00555 DSC00556

To decorate it easily, place a bowl upside down.


Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel then place the cheesecake on top of it to catch any excess jam.


Using a small spoon, start pouring some of the jam on the edges allowing it to drip down every 1/2 an inch.

DSC00561 DSC00562 DSC00563 DSC00564 DSC00566

Pour the rest of the jam on top of the cheesecake and spread evenly to cover the top.

DSC00568 DSC00569 DSC00571

Now decorate with the berries or fruit of your choice.

DSC00575 DSC00578 DSC00582 DSC00590 DSC00591 DSC00592 DSC00594 DSC00595

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2 Responses to How to Fix a Crack in a Cheesecake and Decorate It??

  1. Samantha C says:

    Should this be done after the cheesecake is completely set?

  2. Eat-O-Live says:

    Yes, that would make it easier to fix.

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