How to Make Yogurt Cheese?

I previously introduced you to Yogurt Cheese Fatayer (Pies). Today, I will show you how to make yogurt cheese at home.

Yogurt Cheese Fatayer



2 Liters of Plain, Full Fat Yogurt (about 8 cups.)



How to Prepare:

Mix the yogurt with water to get it a bit runny (not too runny though). I used 2 cups for the 2 liters.


Add one tbsp of salt to it.

Cook on a high heat until it gets bubbly (do not stir).

DSC00975 DSC00980

Once it bubbles, you will see the foam on top and the water below. Turn off the flame and let it cool on the side.


Using a cheese cloth (I used coffee filters this time), place it on top of the strainer and pour the yogurt into it.


Let it sit until all the water is strained and it it is completely dry.


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  1. Eat-O-Live says:

    You are welcome. Thanks for sharing your website. I love the designs, very talented.

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