Zeppole (Egg Batter Puffs)

I was in the mood for something sweet tonight. I wanted something different than chocolate and candies. I remembered my mom’s quick solution for craving homemade sweets. I actually didn’t know that it was the same recipe for Zeppole before I came to the US. We always called it Egg Batter Puffs. DSC00868


5 Eggs

5 Tbsp of All Purpose Flour

1/4 Tsp of Vanilla Extract


Vegetable Oil

One cup of Sugar

1/2 Cup of Water

1/4 tsp of Lemon Juice

How to Prepare:

Start by preparing the sugar syrup.

Mix the sugar and water and bring to a boil.

Once it starts to thicken, add the lemon juice and turn off the flame.

Put on the side to cool down.



Beat the eggs and mix with the flour and vanilla until it is creamy.


Heat one stick of butter with some vegetable oil then using a small spoon, pour a little of the mixture and deep fry until it is golden and fluffy.


Take the fried Zeppoles and dip into the sugar syrup before serving.



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2 Responses to Zeppole (Egg Batter Puffs)

  1. Skeggjold says:

    Ohh Ohhh going to have to try this hopefully this weekend. TY

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