On the Road Again…

It is that time again. Another big move is about to take place. After all the packing and cleaning, it is time for another adventure. I will be away for the next couple of weeks on vacation and then setting up my new kitchen. I will continue to follow and read your posts but I will not be able to post until we are settled.

I will share our photos from the vacation and of course new recipes.

Wish you all a great summer!

Bye Bye Doha.


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3 Responses to On the Road Again…

  1. Travel Culture Food says:

    Have fun wherever you go! ❤

  2. jimmyandcha says:

    Aiden looks like he’s anticipating the trip. Have fun. I’m also going on a business trip so I won’t be posting for a while. Are you by any chance coming to Asia? If you are, then wouldn’t it be wonderful if we are going to the same country? I love your blog so much, I decided to give you the Sunshine Award. Please visit http://www.jimmyandcha.wordpress.com for details. Congratulations!

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