Stuffed Eggplants

Today, we are going to make stuffed eggplant. It might take some time to prepare, but I guarantee that the effort is worth it. It is one of my favorite dishes.


6 pieces of  Eggplants

1.5 Cups of Rice

1/4 Lb of Ground Beaf


Salt & Pepper (I use sweet all spice)

3 Tomatoes

Diced Onion

How to Prepare:

Cut the stem of the eggplant and hollow removing the guts of the eggplant (as shown in the pictures).

Mix the  rice and ground beef with some salt and pepper.

Melt the butter and pour over the rice and beef then mix all together (as shown in the picture).

Take the eggplants and stuff them with the rice and beef mixture, making sure that you only stuff 3/4 of the eggplant so the stuffing won’t come out during cooking.

Boil the tomatos for 7 minutes, then peal, and crush into a sauce.

Heat one tablespoon of butter and saute the onion.

Add tomato sauce to the pot with onion.

Put the stuffed eggplant into the pot.

Put a small dish (ie. bread plate; depends on size of pot) above the stufffed eggplant in the pot – this prevents the stuffing from coming out of the eggplant.

Add water until it is a half inch above the plate and then add a pinch of salt and some pepper.

Cook on a medium flame. When the water starts to boil, lower the flame. Cook for about 45 to 60 minutes.

Now we are ready to eat! Alot of effort but an amazing taste!

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2 Responses to Stuffed Eggplants

  1. chefconnie says:

    This is dish looks delicious and comforting. And healthy!

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