Birthday Treat

I got this Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday a few weeks back.

One of the first things that I made with it was a chocolate cake.  The mixer made is so easy and time saving to mix the dough and other ingredients.  It really is a great tool that everyone should add to improve their kitchen.

Chocolate Cake Recipe:


One cup of Milk

Three Eggs

One and a half cup of Sugar

100g of Butter (4oz)

Three cups of Flour

One teaspoon of Vanilla Powder

Two teaspoons of Baking soda Powder


How to Prepare:

Using a medium cooking pot, Mix the sugar, the milk, and the butter on a medium flame until warm, not hot, while stirring continuously.

Using an electric mixer, mix the eggs and the vanilla powder.

Add the milk, butter, and sugar mixture  and mix all together for a few minutes.

Add the flour and the baking soda powder to the pot and continue mixing until it becomes creamy.
Add the cocoa (as much as desired)to the pot and mix all together.

Grease the cake’s baking sheet sides with butter and flour to prevent sticking.
Pour the mixture into the sheet.

Pre-heat the oven to 450F/250C.
Bake the cake for about 25-30 minutes.

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