Meat Pies (Safeeha)

Today we will learn how to make “the Pizza of the Middle East”.


-Half pound of Ground Beef

– One Diced Tomato

– Half Diced Onion

– Salt & Pepper (I use sweet all spice)

– Two cups of Flour

– One cup of warm water

– One tablespoon of Yeast

– Two tablespoons of Vegetable Oil

How to Prepare:

– Put the flour in bowl (preferably plastic).

– Add the vegetable oil and salt to the flour.

– Mix the yeast in the cup of warm water. Do this until the yeast dissolves.

– Add the water and yeast mix into the bowl.

– Using your hand, mix all the ingredients in the bowl together.

– Start kneading the dough until it turns into one piece of sticky dough.

– Warm the dough by covering the bowl towels and/or blanket. The dough must get to 85F. Keep covered for 20 minutes. It is now ready to use.

– Mix the ground beef with the tomato and the onion then add a dash of salt and pepper.

– Squeeze the mixture until all dry so it doesn’t get the dough wet.

– Take a small piece of the dough. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough (put some flour on the rolling pin and surface so the dough does not stick) and flatten into a circle.

– Add a tablespoon of the mixture over the dough and spread it evenly leaving a quarter inch on the edges.

– Pre-Heat the oven to a 450F/250C.

– Place the pies on a baking sheet after greasing the sheet with some vegetable oil to prevent them from sticking.

– Bake the meat pies for about 15 minutes.

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