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Chicken Pastilla

One of my favorite dishes from Morocco is Chicken Pastilla. It is a salt and sweet chicken pie.  Ingredients: – Phyllo Dough – One pound of Chicken Drumsticks – One Diced Onion – 2 Small Graded Garlic Cloves – One … Continue reading

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Mons, Belgium.

One more place in Belgium that was worth visiting during our trip was Mons.  It is a small, quiet and historic city located about an hour south of Brussels. It was a very fun day.  We explored the city and … Continue reading

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A Taste of Brussels

You cannot go to Belgium without being amazed by the great food which this country offers from chocolate to waffles to fries to beer.  The cold weather makes you hungry all the time and the shop windows make you drool.

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Brussels, Belgium

Another great vacation to Europe.  This time we visited my sister and brother in-law in Belgium.  It was rainy and cold but this is Europe.  Despite the weather, we had an awesome time. Grey, rainy and windy but still beautiful.

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Moroccan Tea

One of my favorite things about Morocco is Moroccan tea. It has become our daily beverage. Moroccan Tea is a mixture of green tea, mint leaves, and sugar. It is also easy to prepare. My favorite part is the art … Continue reading

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  So, our first road trip in Morocco was to Casablanca since it is only an hour away and in my head was the line from the movie Casablanca, “Here’s looking at you, kid”.  I was shocked when we entered … Continue reading

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We finally made it to Rabat and we are so excited to call it home for a while. The transition was a bit tiring since we caught a bad virus shortly after arriving.  Also, we are still waiting to receive … Continue reading

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A Stop in Paris

During our transition to Morocco, we decided to take a short stop in Paris. It was a short stay but we were able to see some sights, walk in the streets and have a nice Parisian lunch at a local … Continue reading

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Germany Again :)

After a month of transitioning, we finally made it to our new home. During this month, we made a stop in Germany to see family so Aiden can enjoy some time with his cousins as well. I love going to Germany, … Continue reading

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Butter Cookies

For my son’s second birthday and since like any boy he is obsessed with fire trucks and fire fighters, I decided to make a fire truck themed party. For the cookies, I chose a fire hydrant shape. Ingredients: 1 1/2 … Continue reading

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