The Big Bird

Let me tell you, this is the most delicious and easy recipe for a super moist and tasty turkey. This is all that I am going to say :).


20 lbs Turkey

3 Onions +1 to stuff the turkey

6 Sticks of Celery + 2 celery sticks to stuff the turkey

4 Carrots +1 to stuff the turkey

2 Giant head of Garlic + 2 cloves for the butter 

 Fresh Herbs (Rosemary – Thyme- Sage).

One stick of Unsalted Butter at room temperature.



Olive Oil

One Cup of Chicken Stock

How to Prepare:

This is me setting the timer and getting ready to start cooking (protecting my hair from the smell and the food from my hair)

First, completely thaw and clean your turkey.

Pre-heat the oven to 350F.

Dice the herbs finely, using about 2 tbsp of each kind and add to butter.

Grade 2 cloves of garlic and mix with the butter, herbs, and add a generous dash of salt and pepper until well combined.

Cut the onion, celery, carrots and garlic and place at the bottom of the tray with some of the herbs.

Season with salt and pepper.

Add about 2 tbsp of olive oil to the veggies and mix together.

Take some of the butter-herb mixture and place under the turkey’s breast skin.

Spread the rest of the butter/herbs mixture all over the skin of the turkey.

Place the turkey on top of the veggies in the trey.

Stuff the inside of the turkey with one cut onion, carrots, celery, garlic and some herbs.

Tie the legs together and tuck the wings under the birds.

Add one cup of chicken stock to the tray and place the turkey in the oven for 2 hours.

After 2 hours baste it once then cover with foil making sure to baste it every half an hour (in my case for 2 more hours since I used a 20 lbs turkey).

After 2 hours, baste it for the last time and put it back in the oven for 15 more minutes uncovered.

Take out and let it rest covered with foil for 20 minutes before carving.

Tip: Save the drippings of the turkey after you drain the vegetables for gravy.

Enjoy! I know you will.

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  1. I think I’ll try this recipe when making my Christmas turkey. 🙂

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